Badges & Patches

Department Insignia Through The Years

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Patrolman Badge
Worn c. 1895 to c. 1915

Worn c. 1890s – 1900

Large City Seal
Worn 1916 to 1995

Issued early 1980s to 1995

Hat Badge
Worn 1920 – 1975

Worn in the 1950s.

Worn C. 1930s to C. 1950

Worn c. 1950 to 1975.

Uniform Button
Worn 1930s to 1970s.

Custom metal insignia for leather jackets.
First issued late 1950s, early 1960s.

First issue patch for uniform patrol officers – 1967

Worn by supervisors
1967 to 1993

Prototype patch designed in 1993 – never issued.

Small city seal patch.
Only issued in 1993.

Large city seal patch.
Issued 1993 to present.

Prototype patch designed in 2010 for bicycle patrol – never issued.

Worn on leather jackets 1979 to present.

Emergency Service Unit Patch – 1960s

A prototype patch for the members of the department’s SWAT Team. Never issued.

S. R. T. Patch
First issued in 1988.

S.R.T. patch with white background – never issued.

K-9 officer’s patch designed by Officer John Lamantia in 2001

Current Issue K-9 Patch – 2020

Cranston Police Honor Guard Patch

First Dive Team Patch – Issued in 1989

Current Issue Dive Team Patch – first issued 2001.

Dive team patch with white lettering – never issued.

Autism Awareness Patch
Worn on right shoulder of the uniform for the month of April, 2019.

Breast Cancer Awareness Patch
First Worn September, 2019.

Patrolwoman Badge
Issued early 1990s.

Patrolman hat badge
issued 1975 to c. 1995.

Sergeant Badge
Issued 1989 – 1995

Worn by traffic officers from the 1920s to c. 2000.

Issued during WWII.

Worn by Auxiliary Police in WWII.