In Memoriam

Honoring Our Departed Members 

Anyone having additional information is encouraged to contact us. 

Names are in alphabetical order.  

  1. Officer Clause B. Abramson
  2. Detective Steven Agresti
  3. Inspector Bruce R. Andersen
  4. Lieutenant Stanley W. Atkinson
  5. Lieutenant Joseph E. Austin
  6. Detective Robert G. Baccari
  7. Officer Joseph E. Balkun
  8. Officer Harry Baxendale
  9. Officer Andrew J. Baynes
  10. Sergeant Charles W. Beckman
  11. Officer James L. Bergin, Jr.
  12. Chief John Bigbee
  13. Chief Nelson G. Bourret
  14. Officer Leo J. Breault
  15. Det. Captain Robert H. Brown, Jr.
  16. Sergeant Albert Burnside
  17. Sergeant Walter C. Busby III
  18. Officer Michael F. Buzzard
  19. Sergeant Edward Callery
  20. Officer John F. Callery
  21. Officer Francis J. Caniglia
  22. Lieutenant Raymond J. Caniglia
  23. Officer Anthony Carello
  24. Major George Carello  
  25. Sergeant Charles A. Carney
  26. Lieutenant Robert J. Carroll
  27. Lieutenant Joseph J. Cicione, Jr.
  28. Detective Daniel P. Cipalone
  29. Chief George J. Coffey
  30. Sergeant William Cooney
  31. Sergeant James S. Cooke
  32. Officer Richard W. Cornell
  33. Captain Rowland G. Cornell
  34. Officer Thomas M. Corse
  35. Det. Sergeant Louis Corvese, Jr. 
  36. Detective Henry V. Crudale
  37. Chief James E. Cuff
  38. Detective Christopher D’Ambrosio
  39. Captain Henry C. Debow
  40. Detective Salvatore L. DeCesare
  41. Captain Ernest D. Delmonico
  42. Officer Leonard D’Errico
  43. Officer Carmine DePetrillo 
  44. Officer Ernest J. Deschene
  45. Detective Raymond V. Deschene
  46. Sergeant Ronald L. Desjarlais
  47. Captain George H. Dibble
  48. Officer Daniel DiBiasio
  49. Detective Bartholemeo DiSano
  50. Sergeant Joseph A. Doucette
  51. Officer Henry E. Driscoll
  52. Detective Matthew T. Duffy
  53. Detective John T. Enos
  54. Lieutenant George R. E. Farrow
  55. Officer Carl Fascia
  56. Detective Nicholas Ferranti, Jr.
  57. Lieutenant Jay W. Fitzgerald
  58. Detective Raymond C. Flynn, Jr.
  59. Officer Robert J. Flynn 
  60. Detective Joseph V. Fortuna
  61. Chief Louis B. Fouchecourt
  62. Officer James J. Fox
  63. Officer Walter P. Friend
  64. Officer Wilfred Gagnon, Jr.
  65. Chief James H. Gibbs
  66. Captain James H. Gibbs
  67. Detective Kenneth Gilkenson, Sr.
  68. Detective Sergeant Frank Gill
  69. Sergeant William F. Grady 
  70. Officer Harold E. Greenhalgh
  71. Officer Russell B. Gross, Sr. 
  72. Detective Nicholas A. Gualtieri
  73. Sergeant Fred H. Guile
  74. Officer Michael Gunson
  75. Detective Eugene F. Hackett
  76. Chief Thomas M. Harrington
  77. Captain Adelbert Hay
  78. Sergeant John R. Hinckley
  79. Officer William J. Hines, Jr.
  80. Detective William Holihen
  81. Detective George F. Holt
  82. Detective Anthony Iannotti
  83. Officer Bertil H. Jentzel
  84. Commander Harold N. Johnson
  85. Officer Henry R. Johnson
  86. Officer Caleb B. Jordan
  87. Captain Howard E. Jordan, Jr.
  88. Lieutenant Francis J. Kelly
  89. Town Sergeant John Kenyon
  90. Chief Daniel A. Kiernan
  91. Officer Franklin L. Knowles
  92. Detective Edward Laborio
  93. Sergeant Thomas Lanzi
  94. Detective Deus O. LeClair
  95. Detective Joseph Lombardi
  96. Sergeant William F. Loux, Sr.
  97. Detective Enrico C. Maccarone
  98. Sergeant William H. Maher
  99. Major Edward R. Manocchia, Sr.
  100. Detective Rocco Mariorenzi
  101. Det. Lieutenant Michael J. Marro, Jr.
  102. Sergeant Anthony Massimino 
  103. Captain Patrick J. McCarron
  104. Officer Francis J. McElroy
  105. Lieutenant Walter L. McGarry
  106. Sergeant John J. McGee
  107. Officer Peter L. McGuril
  108. Officer Patrick J. McHugh, Sr.
  109. Sergeant Patrick F. McHugh
  110. Officer Terrence J. McKaig
  111. Officer Joseph H. Miele
  112. Detective George A. Michaud
  113. Detective Joseph A. Mignano
  114. Chief James G. Miller
  115. Officer Herbert C. Mitchell
  116. Chief Anthony J. Moretti
  117. Chief Anthony Moretti
  118. Detective Louis Morenzi
  119. Sergeant Edward Morgan
  120. Chief Clerk Anthony T. Mulligan
  121. Officer Francis P. Murphy
  122. Lieutenant William J. Nixon
  123. Detective Robert J. Nunes
  124. Officer Richard W. Norberg
  125. Sergeant John W. O’Brien
  126. Detective Arnold R. Odesky
  127. Officer William J. Olausen
  128. Sergeant Joseph L. O’Rourke
  129. Lieutenant Clifford D. Ouimette
  130. Detective David A. Palazzolo
  131. Detective William J. Palmer
  132. Detective Joseph J. Pelosi
  133. Officer Ernest C. Potter
  134. Detective William F. Quinn
  135. Captain Raymond Ricard
  136. Captain Charles J. Rogers
  137. Officer Arthur Rotondo
  138. Detective Paul L. Rousseau
  139. Detective Gary Roy
  140. Captain Edward J. Ryan
  141. Detective Captain John Ryan
  142. Major Robert W. Ryan
  143. Det. Sergeant Paul Saccoccia, Sr.
  144. Officer Clifford F. Schultz
  145. Officer Francis A. Schinse
  146. Sergeant George A. Seavor
  147. Lieutenant Howard S. Sharples
  148. Officer Charles H. Smith
  149. Sergeant Arthur E. Soderberg
  150. Lieutenant Paul Soscia
  151. Officer William H. Stone
  152. Lieutenant John J. Sullivan
  153. Sergeant Harry F. Sunderland
  154. Officer Gordon M. Thurber
  155. Officer Walter L. Thurber
  156. Chief Patrick Trainor
  157. Officer Russell M. Trant
  158. Lieutenant Earl P. Tucker
  159. Officer Severino R. Valletta
  160. Officer Richard A. Vieweg
  161. Det. Lieutenant William E. Walsh
  162. Detective William T. White, Jr.
  163. Officer Raymond E. Wilbur, Jr.
  164. Officer John A. Yeaw
  165. Officer Willis K. Yeaw, Jr.
  166. Detective Frank R. Zito
  167. Officer Cheryl J. Zola

The following officers are known to have served, but photos and information about them is lacking.  If anyone can help, please contact us.  Thank you.  

  1. Officer John Bloomstrom
  2. Officer Jack Callery, Jr.
  3. Officer Thomas Cooney
  4. Officer William B. Dutton
  5. Lieutenant Edward H. Farrell
  6. Officer John Illingsworth
  7. Officer Thomas Mahoney
  8. Officer Thomas Murphy
  9. Officer Patrick O’Leary
  10. Officer F. Peterson
  11. Officer Frederick Silva
  12. Officer Frederick E. Toole
  13. Officer William J. Walsh
  14. Sergeant Arthur C. Wilson