Chief John Bigbee – Cranston Police

Chief John Bigbee
Cranston’s first Chief of Police.
1886 – 1908

     Chief John Bigbee was Cranston’s first Chief of Police.  He came to Cranston in 1868, and was appointed a police constable in 1878.  In 1880 he was elected Town Sergeant.  In 1886 he was elected Chief of Police, and served in both positions until his death in 1908.  He died as a result of an injury he received while fighting a fire near Cranston Street and Gansett Avenue.  The injury led to blood poisoning and he passed away on December 11, 1908.  He’s buried in St. Ann’s Cemetery. 

     He is also the first (known) Cranston police officer to die in the line of duty. 

     Rest in peace.