Officer Clause Abramson – Cranston Police

     Patrolman Clause Abramson was born in Yestergotland, Sweden, in 1876 and came to America when he was 19 and settled in Cranston where he had friends.  He was appointed a police constable in 1907, and when Cranston incorporated as a city in 1910 he was one of the original ten full-time patrolmen appointed to the newly established permanent force.  He spent most of his career patrolling the Edgewood neighborhood and was very beloved by the citizens there.  He retired from the CPD in 1956 after 49 years of service, and continued to serve in the capacity of a special officer, helping school cross the busy intersection of Broad and Norwood in Edgewood for several years, thus giving him the distinction of being Cranston’s longest serving police officer.  Ptl. Abramson passed away on November 27, 1965, at the age of 89. 

     Rest in peace.