Patrolman Thomas Murphy – Cranston Police

Patrolman Thomas Murphy

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     Patrolman Murphy began his career as a “Special Patrolman” sometime around 1920.  On October 1, 1924, an article appeared in the now defunct “Cranston News”, which stated he had been appointed to the “regular force” by Chief James E. Cuff.  

     “Murphy is an excellent man to add to the force.”  the newspaper said.  “Soon after he had been appointed a special policeman”, the article went on, “Murphy was standing on Cranston Street one day when he noted that a woman in boarding a trolley car had dropped her pocketbook.   He tried to attract her attention to tell of her loss, but the trolley started toward Providence, leaving him standing in the middle of the road with a pocketbook  in his hand.  Not to be outdone, however, he haled an auto going in the opposite direction, had it turn around, speed after the trolley, blew his whistle, stopped the car, and very politely handed the woman her pocketbook before se realized she had lost it”   

     Nothing further is known of Patrolman Murphy at this time.